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    When Choosing Window Treatments, Custom Shutters are just one of many choices that you can make. Shopping for Shutters can be an intricate and involved process. Drapes and Blinds by Designs ultimate goal is to design a Shutter that will provide our customers the value, ambience and appearance, they so richly deserve. To deliver them a product that they will enjoy for years. Shutters come in several different types, wood, polycore, composite and metal, providing something for every budget. Typically, when one thinks of Shutters, it's often wood that comes to mind. Wood Shutters are often the most expensive choice but also offer the greatest design choices. They can be stained to keep the more natural appearance or painted to match any color scheme. When properly cared for Wood Shutters are also the longest lasting Window Treatment. Polycore Shutters can have the same elegant appeal as Wood Shutters. They are less porous than Wood Shutters, making polycore Shutters more energy-efficient. Shutter come in a wide array of styles and design. Traditional Shutters generally have a centerpiece dividing them into independent sides. Your modern Shutters, that have no divide, can be adjusted as a unit or completely closed up. Café Shutters, are often used in kitchens area and only cover the lower half of the window. You can chose Plantation Shutters, Multi-tier Shutters or for a more rustic look, Barn Door Shutters. So let us at Drapes and Blinds by Design help you wade through all the choices. To deliver those sensational Shutters you desire.


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